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Dog sitting training

Teach Your Dog to Sit

Training your dog to sit is one of the most basic exercises.

The goal is for the dog to stay put, and assume either a reclined or seated posture. Ideally the dog sits at attention, with its gaze directed towards you.

Here are some tips on how to train your dog to sit:-

  1. Find a quiet room to start the exercise. The dog should already know its name. Call your dog by its name and then stand in front of it.
  2. Show your dog a treat it loves.

    Remember to keep enough treats on hand.
  3. Slowly move the treat towards the dog’s tail and over his/her head. Ensure that the treat is at nose level or else the dog will jump.
  4.  The dog should naturally get into the sitting position by bending its legs.
  5. As its legs are bending call out your dogs’ name and “sit”. Say “good” or “good dog” at the exact moment the dog sits.

    Pet your dog and be affectionate with him/her.
  6. If your dog gets into any movement that resembles the sitting position, reward him with a treat.
  7. If the dog does not get into the position, do not worry. Do not give any reward and try again.
  8. If your dog succeeds in sitting, release from this position using the free or release command.
  9. Repeat the exercise for five minutes.
  10. Continue daily till the dog has mastered the exercise.
  11. Slowly reduce the treats and substitute with praise and petting.
Keep in mind that this should be practiced before the dog’s meal time. The dog will be hungry and will be eager to work for the treat. Always use the exact same command each time. For instance say “Boxer, sit” and not “sit down, Boxer”. You will end up confusing the dog if you use a different command. Have the treat ready to give the dog - do not keep looking for it.  Never get angry with the dog. Dogs can pick up on feelings and will not want to practice if it is not fun for them. Do not push the dog’s bottom to the floor with your hands. The dog will then think this is the technique that you will use each time you ask it so sit.

Training your dog to sit is very important. You will need to have a lot of patience, use encouragement and treats to teach this command.
  Submitted on April 8, 2010