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Small Dog Training Tips

A dog is considered to belong to a little dog breed if it generally weighs less that 22 pounds and is typically shorter than 16 inches in height.

The smallest dog breed which is extremely popular around the world is the Chihuahua. This breed of dogs although fairly delicate has a long life expectancy almost into the mid – teens.

The Chihuahua generally weighs between 2 to 6 pounds and is characterized by a smooth long coat. Chihuahuas make ideal pets for elderly people or for those looking to keep a dog in an apartment on account of their size and low maintenance.

They are known to have excellent temperaments and are lively, curious, bold and even make excellent watchdogs. Little dog breed maintenance involves minimum grooming and brushing depending on the length of the coat.

Small dog training can be quite a challenging task as they tend to be a little more hyperactive than the larger dogs. Training should involve concentration on obedience, housebreaking, aggression towards children etc. Overly boisterous or mischievous children should be monitored carefully while handling small dogs as they may accidentally harm or injure the dog. Another trait observed in small dog breeds is their excessive aggression towards small children. Hence any interaction between the dog and children has to be supervised by an adult so that correct behavior is encouraged and promoted always. Small dogs should also be made to lean certain basic obedience training commands such as responding to its name when called, sit, heel, stay etc. This will make the dog a perfect companion to have. In the puppy stage, small dogs like other breeds of dogs will be teething and hence tend to bite or chew onto anything they may set their sight on such as furniture, shoes, wires and even rugs. This destructive behavior has to be stemmed as soon as possible by providing the dog with an alternative such as a chew toy or even a large bone which will not splinter easily. Small dogs and all other dog breeds can truly become man’s best friend with proper training and support. Little dog breeds as mentioned earlier make good watchdogs, on account of their incessant barking or growling as soon as a stranger enters their territory or property thereby alerting the owners.

Spending time with your dog while training it also strengthens your bond with the dogs and your position as the leader as dog’s are naturally pack animals used to following the leader of the pack.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010