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Dog training advice

Dog Training Advice

Dog training advice range from being emotionally prepared for the process to having the right equipment.

When you decide to embark on dog training, you will require things such as leashes, collars and even books and DVDs that will help you gain as much knowledge as possible on the subject. However, it must be noted that dog training essentials depend on the type of dog training you decide to go ahead with.

Training for complex behaviors will require more training essentials. In case, you decide to give your dog agility training, then you will require training essentials that include equipment for obstacle courses.

Simpler dog training will require lesser training essentials such as in the case of basic obedience training wherein you will require only a leash and a clicker. One of the dog training basics involves being comfortable with the essentials you are using. There are some trainers who advise owners to opt for items such as shock collars and other harsh equipment.

But the majority of good trainers will recommend only gentle methods of dog training and owners will not have to use anything that they themselves are uncomfortable with. Obedience training generally requires training essentials such as a choke collar, lead and maybe a clicker in case you are conducting clicker training. Some owners may also be hesitant to make use of choke collars. But these can be used very quickly and only for the purpose of correction. You will find that choke collars made of nylon are gentler that the chain ones. An important dog training tip is to use a good leash as this allows the owner to have control over his pet. Dog clicker training involves certain pros and cons, but it is known to be effective.

Training dogs for working purposes will require certain other dog training essentials. For example, in case of dogs that are being trained for hunting, essentials that can be used to simulate game may be required. This type of training may also require the use of dog whistles. Behavioral training will require additional training essentials. For dealing with chewing, dog training essentials such as deterrent sprays or active toys are needed. In case of aggression, treats may be required for praise and reward. For owners who do not have much experience in dog training, books and DVDs on the subject may come in handy. These essentials include many simple and easy dog training tips and tricks which will go a long way in making the process easier and more fun for the owner and his dog.

  Submitted on May 21, 2010