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Natural Dog Training

Natural dog training is based on the principles that the natural qualities of dogs and their core essence, however wild, are essentially good.

It also maintains that dogs are social in nature. Even problem and troubling dog behavior need not mean that there is something wrong with the dog. This is attributed to the perception that dogs see the world and act according to their own rules and laws.

They do not see the world in human terms and hence also do not respond in human terms. By addressing these core aspects of the dog’s personality and by basing training techniques around this idea, the true nature of the dog becomes more apparent. Inherent qualities such as the natural tendency of the dog to be loving and co-operative become the main aspects of his character.

Experts who specialize in natural dog training state that many approach this technique with doubts or questions regarding its effectiveness in improving behavior and promoting obedience. They maintain, however, that natural dog training methods work effectively because it focuses on working on the dog’s natural energy, rather than resisting it.  Natural dog training believes in recognizing the dog’s energy as a mode of information passage wherein it tells the dog what to do and how to behave. This implies that the dog is already aware of how to sit, stay or heel. The job of the humans then is just to train them, instead of actually teaching them these actions. The owner only has to create situations where the dog can express these behaviors naturally. Experts maintain that the difference between natural dog training and other training methods is that natural dog training aims at making the dog feel good about performing these behaviors. Proponents of natural dog training further maintain that the dogs or wolves in the wild are not taught to be obedient or how to hunt by the alpha. They naturally know how to do these things due to the energy that lies within them. This energy informs the dog how to react and how to behave.

In addition being in a supportive environment also helps the dog to hone in on that energy and express these skills. As such natural dog training teaches that owners should recreate such an environment in the home where there are emotional group dynamics which the dog will attempt to adhere his actions to. Based on these principles, natural dog training will help the owner to build a strong relationship between the dog and the training program.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010