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Training German Shepherd Dog

Training your dog is one of the key aspects of being a dog owner.

By doing so, one is not trying to subdue your dog into blindly following your commands, On the contrary, training will strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog and will ensure that the dogs does not have any behavioral issues in future. Dog training typically begins with obedience training. This involves basic commands such as stay, sit, heel, come and down.

Once the dog has mastered these basic commands, owners ay then gradually introduce some advanced commands into the dog’s training.

The German shepherd breed of dogs is characterized by its large and sturdy appearance. This dog is highly athletic and requires be exercising and training regularly to keep it mentally sharp and stimulated. Some of the common behavioral problems faced by German shepherd owners are aggression towards other dogs and cats, jumping on furniture, damage to furniture or property and even biting humans out of extreme fear.

However, this breed is known to be an excellent resource if well trained and is hence used by Police forces as a working dog, guide dog for the physically challenged, search and rescue animal, bomb detection squads, etc. This breed of dog is renowned for its intelligence and undying loyalty and devotion to its human family. German Shepherd dog training should be started at an early age itself, preferable when they are a couple of months old so that they are easy to handle and take out in public. Like any other breed of dogs, a German Shepherd if not trained well or not socialized will become overly aggressive and dominant and hence difficult to handle. A very crucial point to keep in mind while training your German shepherd dog is that this breed is genetically programmed to obey a leader or an Alpha dog. Your German shepherd should acknowledge you as the Alpha dog and realize that you are in command. Agility training is another key to a owning a well trained and obedient German shepherd. This involves the German shepherd observing the cues provided by its owner or trainer as he navigates through an easy or relatively challenging obstacle course.

Any command or instruction, when obeyed by your dog has to be rewarded with praise or doggy treats. This method is known as positive reinforcement and is one of the most popular dog training tips.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010