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Deaf dog training

Training a Deaf Dog

Deaf dog training can be quiet challenging and can take lots of patience, but at the end it can be a rewarding experience for both the owner and the dog.

It can also help to improve the dog's life. Start training a deaf dog by using some simple commands that will help it to understand.

The first command is teaching the "Down" command to the deaf dog. Start off with the dog in the sit position.

Then the next step in how to train a deaf dog is for the owner to bend their arm at the elbow that is at approximately a 90-degree angle with the other hand held wide open and with the palm facing down. Then slowly lower the hand down by the owner’s side. This motion is indicative of telling the dog ‘down’. Next when giving this command proceed to hold a really taste smelling treat of something the dog likes close to its nose and its mouth so that the dog can smell it, at the same time the handler or trainer or owner is giving the dog the command like mentioned earlier. The fourth step is to then continue to hold the nice smelling food treat close to the dog’s nose and mouth allowing it to continue smelling the food and the for the owner to slowly start lowering the treat gently to the ground between the dogs legs. This will help to lure the dog to follow the movement of the treat and move it into a down position. The fifth step in the dog training exercise of a deaf dog is to then proceed to give the food treat to the dog after it has moved into the down position and also give the dog plenty of praise and adulation for having accomplished the exercise by patting and showing affection to the dog. Similarly to teach the sit trick repeat the food treats action along with ample praise when the dog is able to accomplish the sitting technique. When luring the dog to move into correct position along with the treat of its favorite food, the owner can also let the dog nibble on the treat while it is moving into the correct position. The moment the dog accomplishes the exercise correctly the dog should be given the treat. The owner should show the dog a happy expression when petting it for doing the job right.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010