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Dog Crawl

Once you’ve mastered the basics of training your dog such as teaching him the sit, stay and down commands, you are ready for the next step.

You can now train your dog to crawl. This is quite an easy trick for the dog to learn, especially when food is used for motivation. Once your dog masters this trick, you need to keep reinforcing it along with the other tricks so that he does not forget what he has learnt. Dog crawling tips include rewarding the dog immediately when he displays the desired behavior and regular repetition until he has mastered it completely.

So now you’ve decided to teach your dog to crawl. The next thing you need to do is head out to an open area. It could be outdoors on the grass or even inside in a large living room with adequate floor space. Make your dog sit, stay and lie down, using treats as rewards.

While he is in the lie down command, hold out a treat to him so that he sees it. Then approach him closely from the front and pet him. Then go down on the floor right in front of him and give him the treat. Hold out another treat in front of him on the floor and when he lowers his nose to the ground, give him the treat. Then take out yet another treat and get it down to the ground. The dog will bring his nose to the floor. Pull back the treat towards yourself and the dog’s neck is likely to follow in that direction. Now, you need to say “crawl” and then move backwards very slightly. The dog may try and shuffle forward. If you are able to, hand him the treat immediately. But in case you are not able to do so before he already stands up and starts moving towards you, you can have him back down to begin the process again. Remember to give him the treat as soon as he begins to creep forward. This must be repeated until the dog begins to move forwards slightly without getting up.

The next day you need to repeat the steps again. Then have him down on the floor and squat down slightly less lower than you did the day before. Hold the treat down to the ground and pull it back as you take a step backwards. The dog should also inch forward. In case he seems to be getting up, say “down” and “crawl” as you pull the treat back. The next day, repeat the process while standing up. As you continue training, you will soon be able to back up across an entire room and your dog will crawl and follow you.

  Submitted on May 21, 2010