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Leash Train Your Dog:

Leash training a dog is important so that you do not let them walk on their own but have some sort of control over them to avoid inevitable situations while you’re out enjoying your walk with your dog.

Thus leash training is recommended for all dog owners and before training a dog to walk on a leash it is important that you invest in buying the right leash. There are leashes of different materials available in the market like leather, nylon and cotton, but you need to stay away from the ones made out of chains as they can cause damage to your hands in case of a sudden move made by your dog.

The leash should not be very tight nor very loose, and smaller dogs can be trained with a harness so that they can avoid neck injury. Dog leash training is not difficult if done the right way.

Let your dog wear the leash and walk around the house without you holding it till they feel comfortable enough. Make sure that you reward them for walking even a few steps and once alright you can hold the leash while you are giving them the freedom to go where they want to and you following them. Once you feel your dog is pretty comfortable with it; you can make a move outside the house but in an area that is fenced. This is advised so that you can let the leash be on giving your dog the space to go where they want to. Slowly, you can hold the leash in your right hand while you hold a treat for your dog in the right hand rewarding them after they take a few steps.

After this, you can take your dog outside for your first walk together. Remember that it might take a while to establish the right pace and you will have to start slowly and increase the distance covered little by little each time. If your dog is not willing to walk, you will have to make them understand that it is fun and reward them constantly so they know it is a good thing. Your dogs’ paws are important and you should get them examined before starting a long walk session as their paws can get sore and will take time to develop calluses that enable them to walk longer distances. Also ensure that their nails are trimmed so that they are able to walk properly.

  Submitted on March 10, 2010