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Home dog training

Dog Training at Home:

Home dog training or in house dog training offered by a number of specialized training units offer to train your pet dog within the comfort of your own home.

Dog training at home is a huge boon for pet owners who believe that their pet dog could undergo behavior modification for the better. In home dog training is particularly useful for pet dogs that get easily distracted by other dogs and are often difficult to handle at home.

However it is important to understand that in house dog training is an activity that needs to be carried out for an extended period of time in order to have a better behaved and trained dog.

Indoor dog training is largely dependent on the kind of breed that your dog belongs to, as well as the age of the dog, as training a dog at a mature age is different from training him at an early age. Dog training at home usually covers areas such as territory marking, potty training, submission, dog tricks etc.

One particular trait in dogs, which is territory marking is a common practice and an instinctive part of every dog's nature. In an outdoor setting, marking a particular territory is linked to the dog's dominion over the specified region. In an indoor setting, dogs usually mark their territory as a response to the arrival of a visitor or an entrant. Some dog breeds do not like to be left alone at home and may display their anxiety at being left alone by urinating around the house or tearing down expensive objects or chewing shoes. Most owners find it difficult to train such behavior and hence home dog training is the best option that can make the dog obedient.

Dog training at home requires immense patience and quality time along with dedication and consistence. Some dog breeds possess inherent dominant qualities and these need to be handled gently yet effectively through various persuasive as well as firm methods. One important point of caution to be noted is that the dog should not be trained to be overtly submissive, so much so that the dog becomes extremely dependent on the owner for every move. This can be detrimental to the dog's overall personality as well as prove difficult for the owner to handle the dog. Most animal experts are of the opinion that in home dog training must be done when the dog is at a very young age. Puppies that have been enclosed in a cage until five months of age are usually very difficult to be handled at home and hence it can help to take the advice of a dog training facility that specializes in indoor dog training for valuable tips regarding obedience.

Training a dog at home is also largely dependent upon the breed of dog. For example small dog breeds or toy dogs such as the Chihuahua and badger dogs are quite difficult to train than most other breeds of dogs. These smaller breeds are infamous for their innate stubbornness and training them takes a longer period of time than other dogs.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010