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Dog barking training

Dog Bark Training

Barking is a basic part of dog behavior.

It is not possible to eliminate this altogether. However, controlling your dog’s barking habits will be beneficial to you. Barking is a way for a dog to release pent up energy or may be a tool that the dog uses to communicate with you. Often, owners may accidentally teach dogs to bark.

This happens when a dog barks for a particular reason and the owner responds. For example, if the dog wishes to go out of the house and barks, letting the dog out will only reinforce the barking habit. Dog barking training is thus essential for you to make sure that your dog is not creating any undue ruckus.

There are few things to note when training your dog.

A dog left alone all day is bored and may indulge in barking simply to pass time or release energy. Often, dogs enjoy the sensation of barking and like the sound of their own barks and continue to do so even when they are otherwise occupied. Dogs also bark in fear or frustration. It is essential to remove any trigger that may cause your dog to bark. If your dog is well exercised, happy, and well trained, it will learn not to bark unnecessarily. It is always good to take some time to play with your dog and to exercise it. Dogs often bark for your attention, so if attention is not given, the dog may continue barking.

If a dog is left at home all day, take time to walk the dog around the block. A dog loves to investigate various smells and sounds and this keeps the dog busy and happy. Training routines should not be tedious as these may not have the desired effect.
Dog bark training requires some sort of consistency from the owner. We often tend to ignore barking when we are in a good mood and be affected by it when we aren’t. This is confusing to the dog as it gives a mixed signal to the dog about what is correct. When you teach your dog to bark, make sure that you use a phrase regularly, like ‘stop’, to convey your dissatisfaction with the dog barking. This will teach the dog that this phrase is associated with behaving well and not barking. General obedience training routines should be followed and these will make sure that your dog behaves well in all situations.

  Submitted on March 15, 2010