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Aidi Dog

Aidi Dog Breed, Breeders, Life Expectancy, Health and Training


The aidi dog breed is lean and muscular.

Aidi dogs have a good head to body proportion with tapering muzzles and strong jaws. The nose may be black or brown and matches the coat. The eyes are dark and medium sized. The aidi dog has a look of alertness on account of the ears which tip forward slightly and hang down to the ears. These dogs usually weigh about 50 to 55 pounds and grow to a height of 21 to 24 inches.

They have attractive heavily plumed tails and a thick, coarse coat. Aidi dogs come in colors such as black and white, light red and white, tawny, white and black. The life expectancy of these dogs is about 12 years.


Aidi Dog Breed and Breeders

The Aidi dog breed descends from Morocco. Aidi dog breeders in the mountainous regions trained these dogs to serve as protectors of the family and flock. They guarded against wild animals that could cause harm.

Aidi dogs have served as protecting dogs for many years now. It is only recently that efforts were made to maintain breed purity. A club has also been established in Morocco for promotion of the Aidi breed. Today, these dogs have become popular as a family pet. The Aidi is known to be an energetic dog with a protective nature. It is also a powerful dog and requires long walks every day so that pent up energy can be released. It is essential that the owner is strong minded. These dogs do not prefer sitting idle for long periods of time and hence must be given a job. Dog Training is important for Aidi dogs. Owners must ensure that the training is conducted in a firm but kind manner as Aidis can also be quite sensitive. The Aidi dog would make an ideal pet for a family that is used to having dogs. An environment where the dog can take long walks is preferable. Apartment living is not suitable for these dogs.

Aidi dogs serve as watchful but docile pets when they have the right owner. If there is a mismatch between owner and pet, these dogs may turn aggressive or shy. Aidi dogs generally enjoy good health and hence there are no health issues to be worried about. However, like all pets, these dogs also require vaccinations and regular veterinary check-ups. A check-up should be done at least twice in a year. An Aidi does not require much grooming.

  Submitted on November 3, 2011  

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