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Whippet dogs

Whippet dogs, breed, temperament, health care of whippet puppies

Whippet, an active breed of dog, belongs to the sighthound family.

They appear very similar to the greyhound but are smaller than the average greyhounds. The whippet dog is very popular in the western countries and therefore its name has been used for many common products.  

The dog is usually medium in size, however, those in the North American continent can be a little larger than the whippets in the rest of the world. For whippets in the dog show circles, the color of the coat and marking patterns are not important.

The dogs come in various colors like solid black or white, blue, cream, tan, fawn, brindle, and red. They also have different patches and color patterns.

Whippets are extremely shy and gentle dogs. Though they can be quite active, they like to spend most of their day, resting.

They are extremely loyal and are very attached to their owner. However, they are also friendly to outsiders and may not be wary of strangers. This is a reason why they don't make good guard dogs. However, due to their gentle and friendly temperament, they are often adopted into age care facilities. The whippet breed is not essentially territorial, but often attack cats who come into their territories. However, this trait is not seen in those whippet puppies that are raised with cats.  

There is a distinct personality difference in male and the female whippets. Though they are both non aggressive and docile, the male puppies are more loyal and enjoy playing. Female whippets, on the other hand, are moody and can be stubborn.

These dogs are unable to adapt to living outside the house. Their coat is thin and does not provide insulation. If they are kept in the cold for long durations, they tend to get sick. It may even prove fatal. Since they love their owners so much, they are happiest when they are indoors. They like to be physically near their owners and love to lounge around near them.

Whippets are good running dogs and are often known as the "poor man's racehorse". The breed is generally healthy and when proper nutrition and exercise is given to them, they can lead a healthy life for around 12 to 15 years. They usually do not suffer from any skin allergies or digestive sensitivities as compared to many other breeds. However, they may sometimes develop genetic eye defects.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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