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Artois Hound

Artois Hound

The Artois Hound can be referred to as a rare breed of dog that has descended from the Bloodhound.

Pet experts in fact describe the Artois hound dog as an exotic French dog, which is suitable for an owner that can cherish a dog and seeks rare breeds. Artois hound breed is one of the oldest French dog breeds and was on the verge of extinction at one point of time. The Artois hound dog is also a scent hound, which is used for the purpose of game hunting.

Their prey could include smaller animals, such as hares, foxes, and so on.

Artois Hound Dog Breed, Nature, Behaviour, Training and Life Expectancy

These dogs are small in stature, but are well developed, with a strong and muscular structure. Because of the agility and their athletic build, they make good hunting dogs.

The most interesting quality of this dog is that the Artois hound can maneuver its way, even through an area that is thickly forested. It has a broad and short head and a nose that is black in color, with open nostrils. Its eyes are darkish brown in color and its tail is thick and strong, with a downward curve. The fur coat of the Artois hound is usually short, thick and tri-colored.

By nature, the Artois hound is known to have a friendly disposition and hence, they are great pets for families with children. Contrary to what many people believe, these dogs are not aggressive in the least, even though they can be a bit stubborn at times. Unfortunately, they do not make good guard dogs, maybe due to the fact that they are very friendly. However, there have been a few instances of the make Artois hound dogs being a bit less friendly and more dominating in comparison. They require a lot of activity, or else they could display unfavorable behavior, such as restlessness or perhaps even aggression.

This breed needs to undergo motivational dog training, which should be imparted right from an early age. The approach adopted for training this breed needs to be active. These dogs have the tendency to be quite stubborn, but this trait can be controlled with the proper training. Even though the Artois hound makes an excellent hunting dog, there are several people who claim that they are good pets and make great companions too, since they have a stable temperament. The average life expectancy of the Artois hound is between 12 and 14 years.
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