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Cretan Hound

Cretan Hound Dog Breed, Breeder, Health, Nature and Temperament

The Cretan Hound is a breed of hunting dogs originally from the island of Crete in Greece.

It is considered to be among the oldest hunting dog breeds in Europe. The cretan hound dog breed are excellent hare hunters. They also have strong guarding instincts. The breed was used by the Minoan civilization of ancient times for catching wild rabbits and hare. The Cretan hounds were then exported to European countries and other colonies of Greece.

Cross breeding with the Cretan Hound was done to improve the breeds of local hounds. The ancestry of the Cretan Hound dog breed can be traced to Africa. It was believed that later they began to adapt to the living environment of Crete. However there is no clear evidence on this subject.

Cretan Hounds are slender and have a wedge-shaped head. During movement, the ears fold to the back much like that of a greyhound.

The skin is taut over the body and may reflect different colors. The tail is long, curved and points upwards almost taking the shape of a ring. The base of the tail is covered with longer hair. Cretan Hounds have strong, slender and muscular legs. The rib cage is not too broad, but still spacious. Cretan Hounds come in various colors such as fawn, black, brindle, white, sandy and cream. Cretan Hounds look meek and mild tempered. However they can be sharp and even deadly while chasing. They are a polite and gentle breed with elegant form and neat movements. Their gestures are subtle and never overwhelming. These dogs tend to be inhibited in the company of strangers. They do tolerate other animals and behave well in their company. Cretan Hounds make great companions for children and show significant affection towards them. They do not bark much, but do warn the family if strangers come to the house.

Cretan Hounds are healthy animals and do not face too many health issues. There are no known genetic diseases that this breed may be vulnerable to but it would be advisable to get one from a reputed cretan hound breeder. Health problems can be kept away by giving them regular exercise and physical activity. Grooming can be done by brushing the coat with a firm bristle brush. Cretan Hounds are average shedders. Bathing should be done only when required. Dry shampooing can also be done occasionally. It is important to trim the nails on a regular basis. This breed is not suited to apartment life as they require lots of space to run around.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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