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Kugsha Dog

Kugsha Dog Breed, Breeders, Nature, Information and Training

Kugsha Dog is a very intelligent dog.

It is based in the cold climes and does not survive in warmer climates. You should not try to bring the dog to warmer climates as it can become very unhappy and suffer from myriad health issues. This dog is often tagged as undomesticated but that it more from a professional competition standpoint. It is difficult to train these dogs to perform in such competitions.

Kugsha dog breeds are part of the Huskies breed of dogs and can trace its genealogy back to wolves. It is primarily a working dog that pulls weight on sleds. This is a very intelligent dog that has been domesticated recently. The attention and learning curve for these dogs starts much earlier as compared to other dogs.

It is a hardy dog that will aim to please its owners. These dogs travel well. You need to extreme care of their coat as it is suited to very cold weather and can get heated very quickly. This makes the dog unhappy quite regularly. As these are hunting and pack dogs, they do not always work well with kids or with other pets in the family. This dog also tends to listen carefully to the owner. So if you say you will be back in fifteen minutes, chances are it will start waiting for you once 15 minutes are up. These dogs can be predatory so if you try to train them, you can only train them to a point. They will still be leery around people they do not recognise. While this is a glorious dog to keep, it is not your conventional pet. It is not cute and cuddly, well trained and superb with kids. But it is very intelligent and it becomes like a family member. It is also difficult to keep this dog in chain or homebound. They need space to run around and if it hot weather, it makes them very unhappy. Even constant air conditioning is no replacement as it is used to freezing temperature. Some dogs should not be moved out of their habitat and this dog breed is one of them.

Kugsha dog breeders only exist in the Unites States of America. Information on the Kugsha Dog is quite scant.  Kugsha dog breed information comes from many sources. Kugsha dog information indicates that it has traits similar to other sled pulling dogs like Malamutes, Huskies and Akitas.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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