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The Basenji is a hunting breed of dogs which originated in South Africa.

Very often this breed of dogs is placed under the hound group especially as a type of sight hound. The Basenji dog is also nicknamed barkless dog because the unusual shape of its larynx makes it produce a yodel like sound called “barroo”. The basic Basenji information tells us about its appearance, temperament and overall health status. Basenjis are elegant looking small dogs with striking features. They have a short coat, erect ears and a tightly curled up tail.

Some people even compare their appearance to a miniature deer. Basenji dogs have wrinkled foreheads which is more common in younger and older dogs. They also have almond shaped eyes which sometimes make them look squint. These dogs are usually up to 16-17 inches tall and weigh around 22-26 pounds. Their height and width is almost equivalent and hence they are known as a square breed of dogs.

Although a Basenji is small in size it is extremely powerful and athletic. They have a graceful gait like a horse and their otherwise curled up tail straightens out to give them better balance while running at high speeds. These dogs are usually found in colors of black, red, brindle and a mix of tan and black, all mixed with white. The Basenji temperament is generally energetic, alert, affectionate and curious. However these dogs are more reserved around strangers. Although they are aloof most often, they do bond well emotionally and can get attached to a particular person. They do well with other canine pets in the house but may not adapt with non-canines. Basenji’s do well with older handlers and are generally patient dogs. These dogs however do not enjoy wet weather and are hence more suited to dryer climatic conditions.    

The Basenji dog loves to climb and jump over fences and other barricades and is excellent at finding its own way. When these dogs are curious they tend to stand tall on their hind legs similar to Meerkats. They also love to chase moving objects and are frisky and tireless by nature. Finding reliable Basenji breeders is very important if you want to get a purebred Basenji. Good breeders are very particular about only putting up pure Basenji puppies for sale to minimize genetic defects in the dog breed. Finding a Basenji mix in rescues is very common and hence it is even more important for a breeder to produce purebred puppies and take care of them well. Generally a female dog can have a liter of about 4-6 Basenji puppies at a time. As compared to other breeds, female Basenji’s only come into heat once every year. This breed of dogs has a life span of around 10-12 years. Generally the Basenji cost depends on the location of the available puppies in the US.  In the Midwest these dogs would cost around $600-$800 while in the west and east coast the cost would be much higher. There are also a number of Basenji rescue centers across the US where puppies can be adopted free of cost. These dogs make great family pets provided they have been socialized early. Since these dogs have a short coat, grooming is also relatively easier and hassle free. This also makes them ideal pets for people who suffer from various allergies. They are well suited to both open living spaces as well as apartments as long as they get enough regular exercise to release their physical and mental energy. It is important to restrict them from taking on the alpha role in the family to avoid behavioral problems.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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