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Dakotah Shepherd

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The Dakotah Shepherd is a newer breed in which development is still underway.

The breed was created using the Border Collie, Heeler and Kelpie breeds. The dakotah shepherd breeders wanted to create the perfect farm dog. They later added the English Shepherd to the combination and were satisfied with the result. However the breed is still under development and is not recognized by any of the main kennel clubs as yet.

The Dakotah Shepherd dog is a good working dog and also makes a wonderful family companion. They are sturdy, medium sized dogs that come in black or tan colors.

They may also come in various sable shades. Their nose is dark and many have white feet. The ears which hang down the head are triangular in shape. Since development is still continuing, many different colors may also come into existence. The height of these dogs ranges from 17-21 inches and the weight ranges from 35-50 pounds.

Dakotah Shepherd dogs are loyal and enjoy being with their family. They can be trained for different purposes as they are quite alert and smart. They serve well as working dogs, but do not get hyper or bark too much. These dogs are known to be quiet. If there are intruders, the Dakotah Shepherd will alert the family members and will not display any aggression. Dakotah Shepherd puppies can be rather timid and shy. They gradually grow out of this stage. These dogs need human companions and must not be left alone for too long. They behave well around children and also get along well with other dogs and pets. These dogs are considered to be in good health and are not susceptible to any genetic or other health problems. The health problems that may affect Dakotah Shepherds are the same ones that usually occur in other breeds of dogs as well. The dogs require enough space to play and run around. A medium sized yard is ideal for them as it will allow them to fulfill their daily exercise requirements. The dogs must be taken on long walks every day. Dog training of Dakotah Shepherds is relative easy as they learn quickly and also quite eager. Since this breed displays flexibility, agility training can also be done. Dakotah Shepherds are also known to work well as therapy dogs. It is advisable to begin socialization at an early age. Dog grooming is easy to do as the coat of the Dakotah Shepherd is short to medium in length.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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