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Irish terrier

Irish Terriers Dog Breed:

Irish Terriers are dogs which, apart from being friendly and loyal, are territorial and determined as well.

This particular breed of dogs is known to have plenty of energy, courage and spirit, thus making them suitable family pets, companions and watch dogs. Irish terriers have great agility, and their boundless energy simply means that they require a lot of exercise. In other words, this implies that these dogs are best suited for the more active type of people.

In addition, these dogs require a lot of attention and physical stimulation, as they simply thrive on it. Neglect and a lack of attention or exercise will most likely lead to destructive behavior and boredom. Irish Terriers, being highly energetic dogs, love to chase, dig, and jump.

The Irish terrier dog is a very territorial one, and hence it can tend to be very wary when it comes to strangers. This quality of theirs makes them excellent watch dogs, and they will do a good job when it comes to protecting you and your family. If there are any other pets in the household, then these dogs may get a little aggressive. Any other pet which makes an attempt to stand up to these dogs will simply have to bear their wrath. Strange types of animals generally tend to get challenged by this breed, and owners should note that smaller animals like rabbits and rodents, may meet and unfortunately end if they cross the paths of these dogs. However, on the flip side when it comes to children, Irish Terriers tend to get along with them exceptionally well, but provided they are considerate and gentle.

Irish terrier training should be started at an early age, since Irish Terrier puppies are easier to train, as compared to the full grown dog. Fully grown, these dogs can be rather over-confident and stubborn, which then makes training a challenge. Irish Terriers have a very distinctive appearance. They are medium in size, with a curious expression and sturdy build. On an average these dogs weigh about 26 pounds and they reach a height of about 20 inches. Irish Terriers are generally a healthy and hardy breed. These dogs do not have a lot of health issues, but among the health problems you may want to look out for urinary stones, eye problems, skin problems and allergies. Irish terriers have a life expectancy of approximately 14-16 years.

  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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