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The Chiweenie is not a pure bred dog.

It is a hybrid dog that is a combination of The Daschund and the Chihuahua. When trying to establish the characteristics of one’s Chiweenie, one should make a note of the traits and characteristics of the ancestors of the dog breed. One should note the size, general outlook and temperaments of the Daschund and the Chihuahua. In terms of appearance the Chiweenie is seen to be a small dog that has a stocky frame.

Chiweenie Puppies, Breeders and Temperament

The Chiweenie dog’s legs are short but their bodies tend to be slightly longer. They are not as frail and tiny as the Chihuahua nor are their bodies as long as the Daschund. Their ears are large and have a bat like appearance and may flop down or stay up naturally. The Chiweenie’s snout tends to be broader than the Chihuahua and its wrinkled forehead and soft gentle eyes make it quite irresistible.

The Chiweenie can be a very friendly dog and the Chiweenie puppies can make great companions for children. Chiweenie dogs are a great house pet to have as they also get along well most pets that we commonly house. These dogs do need a lot of love and they are also very energetic and lively. The Chiweenie’s temperament can be similar to the Daschund or even to a Chihuahua. Both breeds get along well with children, so it is no surprise that the Chiweenie takes well to children. They may however tend to be a little shy around strangers. They may also tend to bark a lot but can be trained when young to not bark excessively. It is a well known fact that both the Daschund and the Chihuahua are difficult to housebreak, hence one should anticipate some trouble in house breaking one’s Chiweenie. The Chiweenie is an intelligent animal and is known to have an independent spirit. One should remember to socialize them early and give them plenty of love and affection. You should ensure that your dog always gets plenty of exercise. Always try and walk a Chiweenie on a leash, no matter how safe the area may be. Obedience training is absolutely essential if you ever wish to walk the dog off a leash.

Chiweenie Breeders and Adoption

Chiweenie’s can bond very strongly with their owners when they have a single owner. One can always get Chiweenie adoption details from Chiweenie breeders or from a Chiweenie rescue group. The internet is not just a great resource for Chiweenie information, but you should also be able to find Chiweenie puppies for sale online.
  Submitted on October 7, 2011  

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