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Sloughi Breed of Dog:

The sloughi dogs, closely related to the Kazawah, are members of the sighthound family.

This is a short haired dog which is medium sized and has long drooping ears—a characteristic feature of the sight hound family. The dog carries a melancholy expression and is quite lean. The sloughi has characteristically flat and long muscles which give it an emaciated appearance. The muscular appearance is much like the whippet or the greyhound.

Even when the dog is in the best of health, it looks emaciated and brawny. Unlike most other dogs, the back of the sloughi is completely horizontal and the underside is tucked in.

The eyes of the dog are amber or dark brown in color. The color of the coat can vary.

The common colors that the sloughi comes in are mahogany, black mantle, red sand or black. There is no brindling on the coat and the ears and the mask are black. A small white mark on the chest is allowed. However, if the mark is larger than a few centimeters, it is considered a serious flaw.
The nature of the sluoghi dog is extremely sensitive. It is extremely intelligent and alert. The sloughi, though not a large dog, longs for movement and large spaces because of which it may not be possible to keep it in confined spaces. Though the sloughi is active, it needs only a moderate amount of exercise to keep it healthy. The dog loves to be walked around on a leash and loves the variety of sights and sounds.

The sloughis do not require extensive grooming and caring for and therefore are extremely easy dogs to bring up. They are faithful and may need to be physically close to their human families. The sloughi puppies are easily trained because of which they make extremely popular pets. However, the dog is extremely sensitive and the training should focus on friendly confirmation and reinforcement instead of punishment and oppression.

The origin of the sloughi is not well known because of a lack of historic documentation of the breed. It is believed that the dog originated in the oriental countries or in the old Egyptian empire. The sloughi is considered an African sighthound dog. Certain Egyptian relics depict a dog which looks a lot like the sloughi which reaffirms its origins in the orient. Though a reliable guard dog, it is believed that the sloughi was used for hunting game in the ancient times. In fact, even today, in many countries, the dog is used for hunting purposes.

  Submitted on January 5, 2010  

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