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Saluki dog

Saluki: dog breed description and information on saluki training

The saluki dog is one of the oldest domesticated breeds of dogs and genetic research shows that it is one of the earliest dogs to have diverged from wolves.

History shows that the animals were originally from the Middle East as far back as 2100 B.C. during the existence of the Sumerian empire. The saluki dog was introduced to Europe by travelers to these regions and initially came in to Belgium while later on also spreading to Britain.

The saluki dog is widely regarded to be a sight hound, which is a canine that hunts primarily with the help of speed and sight as opposed to scent and endurance like most of the other breed of dogs.

The animal appears to be very graceful and elegant, and when running at top speeds, it may even appear that they are gliding effortlessly without their feet making contact with the ground. They have very good vision and are extremely agile, allowing them to turn very easily while also running at very fast speeds.

The purest breed of salukis also has a prominent white mark right on the forehead the Bedouin tribes believed to be the ‘kiss of Allah'. While the neck is extremely long and slender, it is also very flexible. The animal also has a lot of feathering around the ears and in between the toes.

Saluki training is not necessarily as much of a handful as with some other breeds. Their even tempered and sensitive temperament makes them very obedient. Other positive qualities of these animals include being gentle, affectionate as well as extremely good around children. It is essential that the Saluki be trained with a substantial amount of care and understanding as they do not respond positively towards harsh treatment. The owner or trainer must be calm and consistent while also being firm when the need arises. The dogs tend to be easily distracted and hence may require the trainer to have a decent amount of patience in the initial stages. It is also essential that during the saluki training, you make the dog aware of the fact that you are the pack leader. If the dog senses that the trainer is not as strong willed as itself, it may assume the lead role – which will lead to another set of character flaws including disobedience as well as jealousy. However, training is extremely essential in order to control the animals very high and deep set natural hunting instincts. For the very same reason, you cannot let the animal off the leash when taking it out for a walk as its instincts may cause it to suddenly start chasing some small animal along the road.

  Submitted on October 28, 2009  

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