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Pyrenean shepherd

History of pyrenean shepherd dog and pyrenean shepherd puppies

The Pyrenean shepherd dog is a medium sized shepherd dog that originally comes from the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France.

These animals were very successfully used as sheep herders. According to experts, this breed of canines has a long and elegant history.

Most of its historical traces lie in its presence in a lot of paintings and artwork dating as far back as the 19th century. These representations also see the animal looking almost identical to the version we see today.

When minding a large herd of sheep, they normally did so in partnership with a much larger breed of dogs known as the Great Pyrenees - which was commonly regarded to be the guardian of the flock. The Pyrenees shepherd is probably the smallest of all the French herding dogs and come in either rough faced or smooth faced variants. The head may tend to look rather small when compared to the size of the dog's body while the body is rather lean and shows off the athletic skills of the animal. The two variants of dogs are distinguished primarily by the length of the hairs – where the smooth faced type has short, fine hairs on the muzzle and the rough faced version possesses longer hair on the muzzle and face.

The Pyrenees shepherd breed of dogs is extremely intelligent and is able to adapt to almost all environments. It is a very lively and enthusiastic canine that has strong herding instincts. The dog is considered to be a workhorse because of the amount of dedication that it performs its tasks with. The dogs are also known to be extremely passionate and are inclined to adapt to the owner's mood as well as being very affectionate towards other members of the household.

When it comes to training, the high intelligence as well as dedication that these animals show makes them very good at learning new things. Their agility and tracking skills also make them very good at performing most tasks assigned to them. Like with any other dog, though, it is essential that the animal is trained by some one that has a strong character. If the dog senses that the master is not as strong willed as him, the dog may tend to believe that it is the leader - which may cause other character flaws such as disobedience and jealousy. Pyrenean shepherd puppies will usually be in litters of around four or slightly more.

  Submitted on October 28, 2009  

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