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Dandie dinmont terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed:


The dandie dinmont terrier breed is one of the few types of purebred dogs that are at risk of becoming extinct.

The dandie dinmont terrier dog is a breed that is part of the terrier family and looks mostly like one as well but differs in the fact that it has a tuft of rising fur on its head. The dog is quite affable and loves human company. The other trait of the dog is a surprisingly high intelligence.

This terrier was, as with other terriers, bred as a hunter that would go after otter and badgers. To this effect, the dog retains the characteristics of other dogs that also hail similar breeding origins. Dandie dinmont terrier puppies are quite an affectionate bunch though individual personality traits are quite evident even at this early stage of life.

The dog has a very even temperament and loves human company. Though very wary of strangers, it is very attached to its immediate family and will exhibit signs of playfulness and boisterousness with the immediate family. The dog is just about a foot tall making it an apt lapdog as well. The dog is said to be quite independent in its demeanor and quite bold as well, not missing a chance to show its dominance over other males and other dogs in general.  Despite the dog’s dominating nature, it is quite well behaved when discipline is required. They are excellent company for children that are themselves well behaved but this is only the case of the dog and child have been raised together to form the bond of a family pack. Extension of the family pack can only happen with a prolonged period of exposure. In most cases, this dog is only used as a show dog and as a companion, these days. Another fact that makes this dog extremely good for the household is the fact that it does not shed or molt.

Some of the health problems that are associated with this dog is affinity for mite infestations due to its fur. Apart from this, the dog is also prone to problems like intervertebral disk disease because of its shortness. This is a disease that this breed also shares with the daschund. If the therapy given to daschunds is anything to go by there is no reason to assume that this will be a debilitating disease for this breed as well and all that is need is regular physical check ups.

  Submitted on November 24, 2009  

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