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Karelian bear dog

Karelian bear dog  temperament and training karelian bear dog puppies

Background: The Karelian Bear dog is from Finland, where it is considered to be a national treasure.

These Finnish dogs are used for hunting elk and moose, and they can eagerly hunt any other animal too. In Norway, Sweden, and Finland, people conduct moose and bear tests to check the dog's hunting potential and this is very important in determining the breeding potential of every dog. Karelian Bear dogs are known to attack bears and are also willing to sacrifice their own lives while protecting their masters.

Since these dogs are fearless in nature and have quick reflexes, they are known to be good at hunting wild boar. These dogs have got their name for them fact that they can hunt a bear and can protect their masters from bear attacks.

Appearance: Physically in excellent condition, the male Karelian Bear is about 54-60 cm at the withers, and the females are shorter at 49-55 cm.

These dogs have a wonderful coat with stiff, straight guard hair and an undercoat with soft and thick hair. These dogs are generally black with white markings. Sometimes, the black hair has brownish tints that give them an iridescent quality. If you are looking at Karelian Bear puppies, the check for a bushy tail that curves into a circle.

Temperament: These dogs have intelligent and bright eyes. The Karelian Bear dog is territorial in nature and can get aggressive towards other dogs in matters of territory. While they are cautious with strangers, they become friendly with them over a period of time. These dogs are active and independent. The Karelian Bear dog is loyal to its master and is extremely fond of their family members. They are affectionate with kids and love to frolic and play with them. If you have more than one Karelian Bear dog, then they will live like a pack of wolves – one of the dogs will be the alpha, while the others will defer to him.

Karelian Bear Dog Training: You need to train and socialize your dog properly. It is very important to establish proper authority with these dogs. You need to be firm but not harsh while working with these dogs. While training, you must remember that the master-dog relationship should be strong for your own safety. Your Karelian Bear dog is a tenacious hunter and is alert when the prey is around. They can keep the prey at bay for long hours. You need to give lots of exercise to this dog and there should be enough of open space where the dog can run.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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