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Samoyed dog

Samoyed dog and samoyed puppy facts, description and information

The Samoyed dog is well known for its elegance as well as the fact that it is one of the best looking dog breeds in existence today.

They are also one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Despite its very high aesthetic appeal, the dog is an extremely hard worker and has a very muscular body. Originally from the northern parts of Russia and Siberia, the animal used to traditionally fill the role of sled puller for some of the old Samoyed tribes.

They were also regularly used to herd reindeer. While the dogs were not especially good hunters, they were known to hunt in packs and were frightening enough to contain a polar bear. Later on, the animals were widely used during polar expeditions as their warm and furry coats would provide the added advantage of keeping the master warm during the chilly nights.

Over harsh terrain like the arctic and Antarctic circles, the breed developed a name for itself and was considered to be more able than other traditionally used animals including oxen, ponies or horses, especially as they did not consume as much food. They were also known to cover more ground before tiring than compared to the other animals.

When first looking at a Samoyed breed dog, you are likely to believe that it was primarily used as a pet ornament. The animals, however, are extremely strong and their thick, lush coats come in a variety of colors including white, biscuit, cream or yellow. The tail is very long and fluffy and is curled and carried over the back. The thick, soft undercoat helps protect the animal against the extremely cold temperatures of the Arctic Circle.  The animals are very gentle and peaceful, making them very good pets. Due to their friendliness, the dogs are unlikely to make good watchdogs even though its bark will alert the master to the presence of strangers. Due to its heritage as a herding dog, the animal will need to be trained enough to accept the owner as the master. However, if trained by an individual that is not as strong minded as the Samoyed dog, the dog could start to believe that it is the leader of the pack and start to develop character flaws including jealousy and disobedience. The animal is best suited to colder climates, but can adapt to some warmer temperatures. While the animal is more used to the open outdoors, if allowed sufficient exercise, it will be fine in the confines of an apartment.

  Submitted on October 28, 2009  

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