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Harrier dog

Harrier Breed of Dog:

The Harrier dog breed is one that belongs to the hound class and isn’t large, but rather is diminutive to medium in size.

Since these dogs can be bred to trail, Harrier dog breeds are classically reared for hunting hares. It looks a lot like a typical English foxhound. The difference here is that the Harrier is littler in size. But don’t let that fool you since this is a very brave breed of dogs.

Besides this particular trait, its cunning makes it a very valuable breed as well. This dog may look compact but it is very robust and has great speed, necessary for trailing all those hares. Another characteristic that is necessary for all those hunting expeditions is the keen sense of smell that these Harriers have. The short coat of the Harrier dog breed means that maintenance becomes easier.

This muscular dog has large bones to match. It’s interesting to watch how the dog’s expression and demeanor change depending on the situation. In repose, when this Harrier hound dog is rather relaxed, you’ll find that it seems to be rather mellow. However, wait till this hunting dog gets excited and you’ll see the change, including the sudden alertness in the eyes. A beagle harrier dog on the other hand is a crossing of these two breeds.

When it comes to temperament, this dog makes a great pet because of its playfulness and lack of shyness, even more so than the Foxhound it resembles. Its tolerance, which is very essential when you have overeager children around, and its sweet-tempered behavior makes this hound a good choice for families with children. If you have other dogs around, the Harrier won’t pose much of a problem but that might not be so for other pets. Keep in mind that this dog has been bred to hunt so it’s usually very inquisitive and likes to trail off. Accordingly you’ll have to make sure you’ve got this little one in a secure area or on a leash. Do bear in mind that such breeds as the Harrier weren’t bred for an apartment. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these dogs are prone to baying. Training your beloved pooch is important and requires fortitude mingled with firmness. Health-wise the Harrier dog breed is rather superior. Sometimes you might have to watch out for the common hip dysplasia and in other cases, epilepsy. This popular Harrier dog breed has spawned a number of associations and clubs such as the Harrier Club of America.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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