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King Shepherd

King Shepherd Dog Breed, Puppies, Information and Average Life Expectancy

The king shepherd dog breed was developed sometime around the 1990s.

Three separate breeds of dogs were used to create this breed. The King Shepherd is a strong, muscular and slightly long dog. It has a robust structure and the head and body are well proportioned. The forehead is slightly rounded and is seen from the front and side. The cheeks have a moderate curve and take the shape of a “V” when seen from the top. The ears are erect, medium sized and wider at the base.

They are pointed and set high on the head. The ears are not entirely erect in King shepherd puppies up to the age of 4 to 6 months. The almond shaped eyes are medium sized and may range in color from light to dark brown. The King Shepherd has a broad and deep chest and a slightly curved tail which extends down to the hocks. Colors of the King Shepherd dog breed may vary. Acceptable colors include gold, cream, sable and black saddle with tan.

Some dogs may have small white patches on the chest. Coat varieties are of two types, coarse haired and long haired.

The king shepherd dog is a confident animal and displays considerable intelligence. They are loyal and eager to please. Training can be done easily. King Shepherds make great working and herding dogs. As a guard dog, the King Shepherd is courageous and hardy and serves well as a protector. These dogs also make excellent companions. They are strong, robust dogs who exhibit friendliness towards strangers. They get along well with other animals and children. Even though they have strong guarding instincts, they are also very docile and display great obedience. The main aim of training a King Shepherd is to establish the status of a pack leader.

King Shepherds are not suited for apartment life. They require adequate room to exercise and run about. They are most comfortable in a large yard. These dogs enjoy vigorous activity and are always up for a good challenge. They should be taken on daily long walks, runs or jogs. If they do not get sufficient exercise, they tend to become restless and irritable. They may even become destructive in some cases. The coat of the King Shepherd is weather resistant. Dog grooming involves regular brushing. The dog should be bathed only when necessary. The average life expectancy of the King Shepherd is about 11 years.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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