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Smooth fox terrier

Smooth fox terrier dogs and fox terrier dogs history and temperament

Smooth fox terrier dogs are a part of the large family of dogs that are known as terriers.

The kennel club gave this breed recognition in 1876. Fox terrier dogs are in fact one of the first in their family to be recognized like this.

A popular hunting and show dog, the smooth fox terrier also makes for an adorable pet. It is also believed that a large number of other terrier dogs have descended from this breed.

Though they appear very strong, the smooth fox terrier dogs are very tame. They obey commands promptly and therefore are preferred as pets.

They have a flat coat which may seem thin and hard, but is actually abundant. In fact, the breed also occasionally sheds its coat.

Though fox terrier dogs are predominantly white in color, they usually have black or tan colored markings on the body. For show dogs to have markings in any other color, is believed to be objectionable. However, split or half faces are considered acceptable if the markings are in white.

The dog has been accepted as a distinct breed since the late nineteenth century. However, the dog was an accepted pet even in the late eighteenth century, a century before it was formally recognized. Smooth fox terrier dogs have been show dogs even before they were recognized by the kennel club.

Smooth fox terrier dogs are descended from the smooth black and tan terriers. These also have traces of bull terriers and beagles in them. This sets them distinctly apart from the wire fox terrier which closely resembles the smooth fox terriers. Nevertheless, both the breeds are varieties of the same breed and were interbred for a long period of time.

Historically, smooth fox terriers were used for bolting fox. Extensively used in the sport of fox hunting, these dogs were meant to drive the fox away from their hiding places. The smooth fox terriers were almost always followed close at heels by larger dogs and hunters riding on horses.

Even though historically they were used for hunting, today smooth fox terrier dogs make excellent pets due to their demure temperament. They are extremely intelligent and playfully active. Their instincts are very well developed and therefore they should be kept under close supervision. If they are left on their own, they tend to become willful and disobedient. They desire human affection and are known to run away when ignored.

  Submitted on October 15, 2009  

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