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Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Hound - Information on Appearance, Temperament and Life Expectancy of Hamilton Hound Dog

The Hamilton Hound also known as the Hamiltonstovare is a breed of dog which was developed in Sweden by Count Adolf Hamilton, the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club.  This is a breed of hunting hounds and its ancestors include English Foxhounds, German Hounds and Harriers.

They are also known by other names like Chien courant Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton-Bracke and Hamilton-Laufhund.

Appearance and Life Expectancy of Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Hounds are very similar to the English Foxhound except that their frame is lighter. They are a combination of three colors and their general appearance is well proportioned. They are a mix of black and brown colors with white blazes on the head and neck, white paws and a white tipped tail. These dogs have good stamina and strength but are not very heavy.

The male dogs are about 20-24 inches tall while the females are between 18-23 inches. They weigh approximately 55 pounds. Their life expectancy is around 12-13 years. They have a slightly domed and broad skull and a longish head.

Their muzzle is rectangular and long with a well developed nose. Their ears are set fairly high and are not folded at the fore edge. Hamiltons also have a long powerful neck and strong jaws. They have a double coat which is soft and shiny. The upper coat is short, soft, shiny and weather-resistant while the undercoat is soft and thick especially during the winter. Other than regular brushing of their coat, the Hamilton Hound doesn’t require much dog grooming. All in all, this is a handsome dog with striking features.

Temperament of Hamilton Hound Dog

Hamilton Hounds have a calm and friendly temperament but all the same they are also very hardworking hunting dogs. They are happy to stay indoors with the family but also love going out hunting. They do well with kids and other pets in the house if they are socialized with them early. They do well in big open spaces and are not meant for apartment or city living. Although they are friendly, they have their own preferences in doing what they want and it might not be easy to persuade them to do what the owner requests. However, they are easy dogs to train and can be persuaded with praise and enthusiasm. Being a hunting breed, Hamilton Hounds need a good amount of exercise everyday to keep their endurance and resistance intact. They are courageous and passionate hunters and can even hunt alone for larger animals like wild boar and deer.

  Submitted on February 7, 2012  

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