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Rottweiler dog

History of rottweiler dogs, Butcher's dog and training Rottweiler puppies

The Rottweiler dogs, also known as the Butcher's dog, are probably one of the most feared domesticated breed of dog in today's world.

They are so feared to the extent that some states even outlaw them as pets. The animals are very strong and intelligent and have served a number of roles throughout the ages of history in roles that saw them pulling carts laden with butcher's meat.

They were also used by the roman armies to keep guard over their cattle –which served as their food. The Rottweiler that existed in those times more closely resembled mastiffs and was especially tough - allowing them to survive in the freezing temperatures of the Alps and other rough terrain.

The Rottweiler dog essentially got its name from the city of Rot Wil (or Red Tiles) because of the red tiles that served as roofing for most roman constructions of the period. The protective instincts of the animal were also put to use to protect its masters daily earnings whenever the master used to venture out of the house or shop. During the world wars, the animals were often used by the militaries to serve as guard dogs.

With such a rich and well served history, it is quite hard to understand where everything went wrong for this helpful breed of dog to reduce it to the social fear it receives today. Experts blame its downfall on some very careless breeding when the importance of having Kennel Club registered dogs came into prominence. A lot of breeders saw no profit in Rottweiler's, therefore did not pay much attention to the quality of their offspring.

However, careful and precise Rottweiler training can provide your dog with the perfect mentality to be a social animal as well as a good companion and watchdog. Despite their aggressive instincts, they are also known to be extremely good with children when brought up well and trained correctly.  Considering that the breed of dog is rather intelligent as well as easy to please, the dog is rather easy to train. However, with such a strong will, it needs a master or trainer with equal confidence and determination in order to keep it in line, or it may start to become a willful animal - which could only mean trouble. Make your dog realizes that you are the leader of the pack and it will follow your orders without question. One of the best methods of doing this is to rub the belly of your puppy while it lies on its back during play. This is a submissive pose for the animal and shows it accepts you as the leader.

  Submitted on October 28, 2009  

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