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Pembroke welsh corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs:

The Pembroke Welsh corgi dogs are one of two types of Welsh corgis, of which the other one is called the Cardigan Welsh corgi.

The animals are rather small and have very diverse and sometimes seemingly mal-proportioned features. The dogs are very small and their short legs elevate their body only a few inches above the ground. History shows that the dogs were originally employed in herding – making them the smallest dogs to have even been assigned the task of herding cattle.

The fact that they were one of the preferred breeds of dogs for the English monarchy for a number of decades brought them even more into the limelight. While the dogs are short, their large erect ears and fox like face make them quite an adorable sight. Their tails are extremely short and may sometimes not even be noticeable.

Their coats vary in coloration from being anywhere between a shade of red, brown, sable and fawn. The dogs may also have a number of white markings around the areas of the chest, muzzle and belly.

Pembroke welsh corgi training is easy to impart given the fact that they are very intelligent. A number of studies in various parts of the world have ranked this breed of dogs as the 11th most intelligent breed – allowing them to easily retain any information that has been recently taught to them. The dogs are extremely hard-working and their tendency to bark coupled with their very alert mind makes them very effective guard dogs as well. In the past, the dogs used to be able to help out in herding by nipping at the cattle and horses feet while their very short legs used to keep them out of harms way of any lashing out from the irritated animal. Allowing the animal to mingle freely will help develop its social skills and make it friendlier. The owner or trainer needs to make sure that they present themselves as strong willed as anything less may induce the animal to develop a small dog syndrome – where it believes it is the master of the human. This condition promotes a number of bad habits such as the dog showing signs of over possessiveness and jealousy. The animals are known to be prone to certain medical conditions such as glaucoma, back disorders and PRA, while the owner must also be very careful about the amount of food being given to the animal as they are known to bloat excessively.

  Submitted on December 23, 2009  

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