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American Foxhound

American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is a fairly common dog breed, which is bred to hunt foxes by the scent.

Therefore, they are also referred to as scent hounds, by many pet experts. They can be regarded as cousins to the English Foxhound; however, the American Foxhound has been developed by breeders to have a sharper sense of smell. Moreover, in a chase, they are much faster, since their front legs are very long and straight boned.

The life expectancy of an American Foxhound is around 10 to 12 years, which means that looking after this dog is a fairly long term commitment. Therefore, all perspective pet owners should make it a point to learn about the important American foxhound facts, before taking on one as a pet.

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Physically, the American Foxhound dog has a large skull, a head that is slightly domed in shape, broad ears, large and wide-set eyes and a moderately high-set tail.

Their short coat is generally hard and could be of any color. They normally reach a height that is between 21 inches and 25 inches (53 and 64 centimeters). They average weight of a full grown American Foxhound varies between 65 pounds and 75 pounds, which is around 29 to 34 kilos. Pet owners should be very careful about the American foxhound food they offer, since these dogs gain weight quite easily. One female dog can yield around 5 to 7 American Foxhound puppies at a time.

By nature, these dogs are loving, sweet, gentle and affectionate at home and contrary to the common belief, they get along quite well with children, as well as other dogs. However, they should not be trusted with other types of pets and their friendliness towards strangers may vary. They are tireless and are very active and energetic, which is why they are not suited for apartment life. They need vigorous exercise on a daily basis, which could include long walks, runs or jogs.

Fortunately, this breed of dogs is not very susceptible to the genetic diseases, like hip and bone problems that other large dog breeds are prone to. However, in order to avoid any health problems, it is important to schedule regular checkups with the vet.

The price of an American Foxhound may vary, based on several factors. There are many pet breeders who also have puppies of the American foxhound mix for sale. Pet owners are strongly advised to get as much information as possible on the health of an American Foxhound before deciding to take on one as a pet.
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