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American Eagle Dog

American Eagle Dog - Information on the Dog Breed, Breeders, Puppies, Food and Rescue

The American Eagle dog is a cross between the American Eskimo and the Beagle, with the body resembling the former, and the head resembling the latter.

Dog breeders often cross-breed two unique dog breeds so that the resultant pups have the desirable features or traits of both breeds. While the outcome is not always successful, when it is a success they are bred even further to continue the new hybrid result. The main drawback is that cross breeds are often barred from national kennel clubs, while the purebreds are accepted.

The American Eagle dog has both American Eskimo traits as well as Beagle traits

Physical Appearance

The American Eagle dog is 15 – 19 inches tall, and weighs 20 to 30lbs. Their coat is white, often with cream or brown markings. The skin colour is usually grey, and the nose, gums, and paw pads are black.

Breed and Temperament

This hybrid dog breed is very intelligent, an extrovert, and trains well.

They socialize easily with humans, other dogs, and small animals. Their small size and affable nature makes them ideal pets in a home or a small apartment. They are frisky, and enjoy frolicking in a small yard or playing area. American Eagle dog puppies may have a couple of bad habits such as chewing and digging. When training an American Eagle dog puppy, make sure that you are consistent right from the beginning of their training and you will be surprised at how fast they learn.

Health Risks and Care

Yearly ophthalmologic exams are very important in order to diagnose retinal problems during the early stages so that it can be treated immediately. In order to prevent hip dysplasia in an American Eagle dog, make sure that they are within their ideal weight range. Keep in mind that obesity is one of the risk factors of canine dysplasia in an American Eagle dog, so make sure that the dog is within its ideal weight range by ensuring sufficient light activity like daily walking. This will minimize stress on the dog’s joints, and increase muscle mass.

Caring for an American Eagle Dog

These dogs sometimes gain weight easily, so take care that they are given an adequate amount of food, but are not overfed. Chicken meal is an excellent option for dog food and it can be given in either a dry form or mixed in with the dog’s food. Chicken meal is a concentrated, highly digestible source of protein. It is also an excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acids which supports a healthy coat and skin.

American Eagle Dog Rescue

If you are looking to rescue an American Eagle dog, you will need to register at one or more shelters so that when a puppy or dog of this breed is brought in, you will be contacted.

  Submitted on September 14, 2011  

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