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Koolie Dog Breed, Size, Canine Breeders, Puppy, Nature and Life Span

The koolie dog, also known as coolie, is an Australian breed that is used for herding.

A working dog, the koolie dog has been seen in Australia since the nineteenth century. There are many records of the dog being in the country for almost two centuries. The breed conformation standards are based on its ability to herd.

The koolie dog breed has never been a show dog, but a loved pet and a great help on the farm.

There are various different types and strains of the coolie dog within the breed. It is believed that the true breed of the dog is only achieved by mating certain specific strains and types of koolie. The koolie is known for its propensity to circle widely around animal herds, therefore herding them together and keeping them safe.

Mostly, a koolie puppy is kept with sheep so that it learns to live with the gentle animal. The koolie is known to be a quiet and gentle do and is used mostly to herd sheep and even lambs.

The koolie dog is a hard working dog and works at close quarters with the sheep and the lamb that it herds. Physically, the dog is tall and agile. The dog, being medium boned, is not classified as a large dog. It has a smooth medium length coat and has a body that is slightly longer than it is tall. These dogs are available in both solid colors and patches or even marbling of several colors. In different regions of Australia, there are different colors and markings on the dog.

Though the koolie is often believed to be shy, reserved and timid, the truth is that this dog is extremely hard working and can be quite ferocious when its work demands it to be. The koolie canine breeders usually look for selective breeding so that the resultant working dog bonds well with the owner as well as other animals, and has all the requisite qualities of a worker.

In work as in other sporting activities, the koolie is extremely diligent. The koolie dog, a medium-sized animal, is extremely athletic and performs very well in sporting activities. The koolie dog breed is among the longest living breeds of dogs. These dogs are healthy and their average life span is of 18 years. These dogs are also devoid of most genetic conditions that other recognized dog breeds may have.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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