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Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy

The blue lacy dog breed is known to be one of the more elegant breeds of working dogs.

This particular breed takes its name on account of its origins as it was first developed by the Lacy brothers who originated from Texas in the United States of America. The blue lacy dog breed tends to show a huge amount of strength and endurance and is also capable of controlling a complete herd of livestock by itself if required.


Blue Lacy Dog Breed, Puppies, Characteristics, Colors and Health

A typical blue lacy puppy is known to be of a light build but has a well proportioned body overall.

Blue lacy puppies are also common as house pets as they are known to be very loving towards their owners and especially with children. The blue lacy dog breed is of a medium build and has a very powerful body structure.

This dog breed is known to have a skull that is moderately long and a muzzle that is characteristically slightly shorter than the skull. The blue lacy dog breed is also known for its arched and well muscled neck that is set on its muscular shoulders thereby allowing this breed of dog to carry its head with a sense of pride. The blue lacy puppies are born with characteristic round eyes that can be of varying colors such as yellow, rich brown and so on and that appear to be alert and bright.

Those who intend adopting a blue lacy puppy should bear in mind that this breed of dogs is known to be very energetic and hence requires to be allocated challenging tasks that will allow the dog to remain physically as well as mentally fit and healthy. The blue lacy dog breed can work easily on any terrain and being very intelligent is also easy to train and can learn different tasks easily and quickly. On account of its short coat the blue lacy dog breed requires highly minimal amount of grooming.  Generally, the blue lacy dog breed is a healthy and tough dog breed however from time to time this breed of dog is also known to suffer from food allergies as well as certain skin problems that may require medical attention. As far as the coat the concerned the blue lacy dog breed is known to have a relatively smooth coat that appears to be very clean. The distinct blue color of the coat as well as the nose of this breed of dogs is a genetic characteristic that makes this breed unique and gives it its name as well.
  Submitted on March 8, 2011  

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