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The Lapinporokoira dog breed was used for decades, or rather centuries, by the Saami people, for herding reindeers.  The main advantage of using the Lapinporokoira dog was that it was very hard working, could run long distances and worked day after day.

In order to support its sprinting abilities, the Lapinporokoira has been built like a typical runner, as it is quite long in the body, has good angulations and carries its tail low. In some parts of Lapland, the natives still use the Lapinporokoira dog, for its herding capabilities.

Moreover, dogs belonging to this breed are much stronger than they look.

The Lapinporokoira dog should never appear thin or skinny and pet owners should make sure that the dogs are fed well enough to maintain their body weight, despite the high levels of activities that these dogs usually engage in.

They have long and efficient movements, which comes from their original purpose of running long distances for an extended period of time. There are some people who also mistakenly believe that the Lapinporokoira is a shorthaired dog breed. Because of the fact that their coat is thick and waterproof, most people think that these dogs are similar to the artic breeds. It is also important to ensure that their coats always remain coarse, as it prevents the dog from getting wet all the way to the skin. Therefore, the coat covers all parts of the dogs body, without which, the dog would freeze.

The Lapinporokoira requires a lot of physical activity and will not be happy, if it is made to sit all day, as it goes against their typical working nature. Owners need to ensure that dog training for Lapinporokoira Puppies should begin as early as possible, as these dogs have the right qualities and could do very well in terms of rescue work, agility, obedience and tracking. Moreover, these dogs are quite intelligent which is why it is quite easy to train them. However, unlike other dogs, the Lapinporokoira does not display unfavorable behavior in case they do not have adequate work to keep themselves busy. They can easily switch between a working and a relaxing environment.

There is a lot of additional Lapinporokoira information that is easily available, through books, pet articles as well as online resources. However, all prospective pet owners are strongly advised to consult either a vet, or professional Lapinporokoira breeders, for more accurate information in the care and training of a Lapinporokoira puppy.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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