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Ibizan hound

Ibizan Hound Dog:

An Ibizan hound dog is the one that looks rather like a slender deer.

Its elegance and exotic appearance make it a high demand hound. This breed of dog comes all the way from Spain. These dogs may date back even earlier, as drawings of similar dogs have been discovered dating back to approximately 3400 BC, found in ancient Egypt. This hound is very nimble and is excellent at jumping.

Those great ears combined with amber colored eyes lend a rather unique look to this dog. You will find differences in appearance such as longish wiry hair or even smooth coats. These dogs were generally put to use to hunt rabbits. These aren’t solitary hunters of rabbits but were made to hunt in packs.

Another interesting distinguishing ability of the Ibizan hound is its jumping skills not only in high but also in broad jumping. Watching these elegant dogs make that high jump is quite a spectacle. This ability is attributed to the kind of rough topography that is characteristic of the dog’s native place. A female dog will usually give birth to a large number of Ibizan hound puppies.

While this breed is rather gracious, it also means that they aren’t really sociable with strangers. At the same time they are very kind and good natured animals. Ibizan hound puppies can be easily adjusted to fit in to family life as they are typical pack animals. If you are considering getting one of these hounds you should have a yard that has a good enough fence. Bear in mind that these dogs are natural jumpers and can often sail over a fence as high as five feet. They also need their exercise and active lifestyle. There is no point in investing in such a graceful animal only to have it clear the fence when given a free reign. Something you need to understand about this hound is that it usually doesn’t feel that there should be different statuses accorded to humans. Thus, training and authority displays become very important. This hound is meant to hunt various smaller animals so other diminutive pets often need protection, especially any new small animal. A good thing about the Ibizan hound breed is that it keeps itself surprisingly clean and can learn domestic rules. While such powerful hounds are pretty strapping, there might be problems with allergies to certain drugs. Even if you’re using regular flea powder, your Ibizan hound might have an allergic reaction. Axonal Dystrophy is another major concern which such sleek dogs, as is nerve and muscle disease.
  Submitted on December 24, 2009  

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