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The coydog is a hybrid between a male coyote and a female domestic dog.

Coydog puppies are not known to be outgoing and playful and will have very piercing eyes. Coydog breeders will always recommend that those who intend to purchase or pick up a rescue coydog puppy should be prepared to be extremely confident, firm and act as a consistent pack leader.

This is essential because if the coydog finds that the owner is weak minded then it will become dominant and this will also lead to behavioral problems such as aggression and it may even make them overly defensive.

Coydog Puppies, Breeders and Rescue

A coydog’s temperament may range from being very loving and gentle to be overly fearful which in turn will result in them being quick to attack and bite if they are afraid or feel threatened.

The coydog typically requires an owner who is very strong minded and who has a fair idea of dog psychology. In most cases coydog puppies are difficult to identify initially as being a mix between a coyote and a domestic dog they tend to have features that may be similar to any domestic dog or coyote. The coydog is typically identified by its distinct colors which will usually be gray, brown or even a mix of both these colors. Some coydogs are also known to inherit specific markings commonly found on coyotes. Coydog dog breed is also known to have a long and bushy tail which they tend to carry in a downward position as they move around.  

Having the coyote as a parent , the coydog is known to have the instinct of exploring, hunting or even disappearing from  the house for a couple of days at a time. In fact coydogs breeders will also inform prospective owners that coydogs are known to be good hunters and  may even return to their homes with rabbits or other such small animals. This is an instinctive behavior on account of the coyote parentage. Another distinct coydog trait that most coydog owners may observe is the tendency of the coydog to dig holes if they have access to a yard and curl tightly into these holes while sleeping at night.

In most cases of coydog ownership , the individual would have adopted the coydog puppy while it was very small from a coydog rescue centre or an animal shelter as there are not many registered coydog breeders. In fact some people are even under the impression that the coydog is just a myth and not an actual breed.


  Submitted on December 13, 2011  

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