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Puppies Information

A puppy brings a great deal of joy to a home.

They are a lot of work, but the affection and love you get in return makes it all worth it. Puppies need to be cared for and trained so that they can grow into strong and well-behaved adults. There are certain points you need to keep in mind when you welcome a puppy into your life.

Before going out and getting a puppy, examine your own lifestyle and identify the characteristics you are looking for a in a dog.

This will determine the type of dog breed you should opt for. Other important considerations include grooming, exercise, health issues and temperament. Do a bit of research before you buy your puppy. Once you’ve bought your puppy, before you welcome him into your home, ensure that the house is puppy-proofed.

This means that all electrical wires and breakable objects must be kept out of reach of the puppy. Puppy behavior is characterized by a lot of jumping, chewing and scratching. Cabinets and drawers should also be secured with locks, which they won’t be able to chew. This will help to keep your puppy safe. The puppy’s diet will influence his future state of health and general well being. It is advisable to discuss with a vet or other dog owners about the kind of food you should feed your pet. There are many diet choices for dogs available today. Some owners prefer holistic diets for their dogs, while others go in for raw and homemade food. Puppy food also differs from adult dog food and hence it is necessary to select the right type of products for your pet.

Once you bring your puppy home, it is recommended that you bring him to a vet for an examination. This will help to detect any possible health issues and will also help you know how to care for your puppy better. The vet will also advise you on subjects such as vaccinations and neutering. Puppy training is another important aspect of caring for your pet. Begin with leash training which will allow for the learning of basic commands such as sit, come and stay. This will help to deal with behavioral problems. Puppies have a tendency to put any object in their mouths. Replacing the object with a chew toy will help to tackle this problem. Reward through praise or treats is beneficial in reinforcing appropriate behaviors.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010