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Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian puppies are small toy-sized dogs that have wedge-shaped heads that are in proportion with the rest of their bodies.

They have short muzzles, and the colour of their nose depends upon the colour of the coat. The teeth of Pomeranian puppies meet in a scissors bite. They have medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes, and ears that are small, erect and set high. These dogs have feathered tails that lie flat and straight over the back.

Dewclaws can be removed sometimes in some Pomeranian puppies.

Poms, as these Pomeranian dogs are known as, have a thick, double coat. These dogs have long and straight outer coats, which is harsh in texture. The undercoat is thick, short and soft. You will notice that the coat is longer around the chest and neck area.

The coat can be of a variety of colours – cream, white, orange, red, brindle, tan, black, and brown.

Temperament: These dogs are lively and proud little dogs that are eager to learn, and are intelligent and loyal to the family. A Pomeranian puppy is a good companion. They have an affectionate nature, and are inquisitive, alert and active. They have an independent nature, and need a handler with a gentle yet firm hand. These lively dogs can be picky eaters.

If you have other pets in the house, then you will need to socialize and introduce your new Pom puppy properly. These dogs make good watch dogs. Though they can resort to nuisance barking if not trained properly, you can teach your dog not to bark after it has barked at the visitor a few times. You must also remember that Pomeranian puppies need to know from the beginning that you are the boss and not they. If this is not taught from the time they are small, these puppies can grow up to be dogs that think that they are the alpha in the family.

Health problems: These dogs are susceptible to dislocated knee-cap, tooth decay, skin irritations, eye infections, heart problems, and slipped stifle. It is advisable to feed your Pomranian dog dry dog food and crunchy milk bones to jeep their gums and teeth in good condition.

Do remember that Pom puppies are tiny when they are born, and need to be treated very gently. The females of this dog breed are smaller than the males. When your Pomeranian dog becomes old, it may have bald patches on its coat.

  Submitted on June 10, 2010