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Maltese Puppies

The Maltese is an elegant breed, one which is characterized by long flowing, silky hair.

Maltese have a single straight coat that is bright white in color. Though they have long hair, the hair is of a non shedding type and therefore Maltese puppies are great for those who are allergic to dog fur. The hallmark of a Maltese is the luxurious white cloak-like coat. It is the oldest toy breed of Europe and is essentially a lap dog. A Maltese puppy has always been associated with aristocracy because since the oldest of times, it was the preferred breed of the royal families of Europe and the nobles.

Since they were favoured by the aristocracy, they are till date considered a symbol of riches and elegance.

Maltese puppies are very affectionate and surprisingly well behaved. Usually toy breeds are seen to be a little difficult. However, the Maltese are not only obedient, but also exhibit very graceful behaviour. It is a joy to interact with Maltese dogs.

They are animated and very intelligent. They are also very social and playful, making them a perfect companion for your children. They are very loving and reciprocate to any kind of affection that they receive from their families. They make for deeply devoted companions and can be very obedient and trusting. Typically, the Maltese breed is amiable and good natured. They are not envious of other pets. However, their regal and trusting demeanor demands that they be treated with love and respect. They can become depressed and stressed with ill mannered or abusive children. They enjoy the company of their family members and do not do very well if left alone for long periods of time. Though they are small, they are over protective of their families and may bite if they perceive a threat to any of their family members. They are also fearless, despite their size and can be extremely attentive and agile if the situation demands so. The Maltese usually establishes a close bond with any one member of the family. They commit themselves completely to their family and are fiercely loyal.

The Maltese dogs, however, do require regular caring. Their coat is essential to their looks and if not groomed properly, may get dirty or tangled. A Maltese dog should be cleaned regularly and groomed every day. Their eyes also require regular cleaning to prevent staining. The Maltese are also prone to dental problems. Therefore, dental hygiene is very important and should be maintained.

  Submitted on May 31, 2010