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German shepherd

German Shepherd Puppies

The German Shepherd is a dog breed that is known to be versatile and intelligent.

This dog is extremely skillful and learns very quickly. This breed of dog is very approachable and can deal with any kind of overtures. German Shepherd dogs are self-confident and may seem to be aloof, but they really aren’t so.

This dog is authoritative and very self-assured and hence this breed of dog makes it an appropriate candidate for police jobs or herding sheep as was the case traditionally. This dog makes an excellent watch dog and is good at tracking things.

The more and more we learn about this breed the more we make ourselves aware on the wonderful traits and qualities that this dog is endowed with.

German shepherd puppies are never clumsy or flabby, and on the contrary these dogs are very active. They are muscled and have a very structural frame. They have a slightly elongated but a strong body. The rib cage in these dogs is well sprung out and thus makes it easier for them to move freely and helps them while trotting. The leg bones of this dog are long and oval the feet are short and compact. They have well-arched toes with firm foot pads with short and dark nails. One can even associate the term noble with this elegant dog.

German Shepard’s history dates back to the time in the late 19th and 20th century when captain Max Von Stephanitz wanted to breed an all purpose working dog. Van Stephanitz saw the potential of landrace herding dogs and thus initiated the breed test for the German shepherd dogs. After the world war one the British and American soldiers were deeply impressed by the abilities of these dogs and thus imported them back to their own countries. And since then the breed of German Shepard dogs remains a very popular breed of dogs. Before choosing or even adopting a German Shepard dog you must consider your ability to deal with a dog, the household space issue and your financial ability to care for the dogs needs. The best place to buy German shepherd puppy is from an authorized German Shepard breeder. You must make sure you are aware of the health risks that these dogs are prone and the necessary accommodations that you will have to make for this dog. Choose a German Shepard with great and make sure he is welcomed in your home by all the family members; give him all the necessary affection and you will have one proud and loyal pet.

  Submitted on May 31, 2010