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Sealyham terrier

Sealyham terrier dog info and sealyham terrier puppies grooming and training

The Sealyham terrier dog is a canine that originated in Wales between the years of 1850 and 1891.

History shows that the first strain of this breed was developed by mating various combinations of terriers, corgis and even some hounds. Due to its array of genetic advantages, this breed of dog became rather popular and was highly regarded for its effectiveness in hunting fox and badgers.

The animals are no longer used for hunting, but the breed is commonly represented in most dog shows held all over the world and are largely considered to be a status symbol – boasting ownership by some of the biggest celebrities the world has ever known. While the overall size of the dog is rather short, they are still rather strong and sturdy animals.

They usually come in coats of white or yellowish white color, while their skulls are usually dome shaped and their large ears that usually hang down around the cheeks and frame the face. The coats are usually very bristly and sport rather long hair that needs to be groomed by striping in order to prevent the coat from becoming too soft.

Their loyal and loving nature has made them some of the most well liked animals today and their independent spirit and affection only adds to their appeal. While not being as excitable and destructive as some of the other breeds of terriers, the Sealyham terrier dogs are known to be very brave. The Sealyham terrier temperament also make them dogs that can be easily trained, as long as the trainer is experienced and knows how to make sure the dog understands and recognizes the human as its master. Since they are rather small, it is essential that the dog be trained by a strong minded individual or it could start to suffer from small dog syndrome, where the animal starts to believe that it is in the leader of the pack. A number of complications could arise from this including disobedience and jealousy. They are also known to be very good at catching rats and mice, making them adorable pets while also being very functional house help.  Due to their ‘pack mentality' the Sealyham terrier dogs love to hang around other dogs as well as children. While the animal loves a lot of exercise, their small size allows them to easily adapt to the confines of a small apartment. However, it is essential that the animal is regularly exercised and entertained or it may start to get a little destructive.

  Submitted on October 27, 2009  

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