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Welsh springer spaniel

Welsh springer spaniel temperament and welsh springer spaniel grooming

The Origin and Temperament.

The Welsh springer spaniel was developed couple of centuries ago in Wales. It is thought to be a hybrid of the Springer Spaniel and Clumber Spaniels. The Welsh springer spaniel is a friendly breed and is quite loyal towards its owner. This breed is affectionate to all members of the family and mingles well with the children.

The Welsh springer spaniel loves to be a part of the family and tends to get involved in most of the activities taking place in the house. The dog is highly attentive and at the same time very sensitive. Even after being good natured and loving, the Welsh springer spaniel is reserved while a stranger is around. Another great quality present in these dogs is that they get along with other pets.

The Welsh springer spaniel acts as a good watchdog as it barks and raises the alarm if it finds something going awry.

The Look. The Welsh springer spaniel is a medium sized dog and looks pretty sturdy. It has a very straight and silky coat and the legs have fledging on them. The male Welsh springer spaniel weighs around 35 to 45 pounds while the females weigh at 30 to 40 pounds. The height of a Welsh springer spaniel is around 18 to 19 inches for the male and its 17 to 18 inches for the females.
Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies. It is mandatory for the Welsh springer spaniel puppies to be taken to the veterinarian a couple of times in its first year for preventive shots, boosters and check-ups. As the Welsh springer spaniel puppies grow up in little over a year, the visits to the veterinarian become less frequent.

Grooming the Welsh Springer Spaniel. As far as grooming is concerned, you will need to brush your Welsh springer spaniel at least three times in a week with a stiff bristle brush. The hair around the hind legs and bottom needs to be trimmed. Along with that, the hair between the toes also needs trimming. You also have to make sure that your Welsh springer spaniel has clean and dry ears to prevent any kind of infection. You are also required to brush the teeth at least two to three times in a week with toothpaste. Special toothbrushes meant for dogs are to be used, and you can buy them from pet shops. The Welsh springer spaniel has to be given an ample amount of exercise, which can be in the form of long walks, hikes, or playing around with them in your backyard.

  Submitted on October 14, 2009  

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