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Bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Information:

The Bernese Mountain Dog, also known as the Berner Sennenhund, is a breed of large dog that originated in Switzerland.

Bernese Mountain Dog history is quite interesting. The dog was originally native to the Swiss Alps, where it was used by a herding community known as Senn, from where the name comes. Besides being used by these herders, the Bernese Mountain Dog was also traditionally used to pull carts, and as all-purpose farm dogs. In this role, they performed herding duties as well as guarding duties, and also worked as draft animals.

Today they are also used as search and rescue dogs, and for tracking. They also do quite well in competitive obedience, and may also be seen pulling carts at fairs or parades.

Bernese Mountain Dog Facts:


Berners, as they are often known, are very large, sturdy dogs, and are not suited for all climates and households. These dogs are typically around 26 inches in height.

Average Bernese Mountain Dog weight is approximately 95 pounds. The Bernese Mountain dog size and weight makes it unsuitable for small, indoor living conditions. The fur is also quite thick and long, making the dog uncomfortable in climates that are much hotter than its native climate. Typically, Bernese Mountain Dogs have a tricolor coat – black, rust, and white. The dog is mostly black, with white patches on the chest and muzzle, and rust on the legs, the cheeks, and above the eyes.

In spite of their impressive size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely even tempered and gentle. The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament is mild, placidly friendly and affectionate, and self assured without being aggressive or dominant. These dogs can sometimes be shy, which is why socialization is very important. Bernese mountain dog puppies take a long time to reach full maturity, but training and socialization should start within the first few months itself. Bernese Mountain Dog training should be reward based, and should not involve force or punishment. These dogs are intelligent, but are sometimes slow to respond to training. It is very important that the owner and/or trainer is patient and consistent with training, and is able to hold the dog’s interest.

In spite of being heavy and usually slow moving, Bernese Mountain Dogs are active dogs, and enjoy being outdoors. It is important that they are allowed to do this regularly, both for the sake of their physical and mental health. It is also important to note that these dogs are prone to certain illnesses – the rate of cancer among Berners is unusually high, and the disease is often fatal.

  Submitted on February 5, 2010  

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