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Fila Brasileiro

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The Fila Brasileiro is a large-sized working dog, which is mostly bred in South America, especially in Brazil.

This is a Molosser breed that has loose skin and rather large bones. These dogs are classified as large dogs, since they usually range between 25 to 30 inches in height. They are also very heavy, weighing in at an average of 50 kg.

Fila Brasileiro is a Molosser breed and has certain breed standards, even though it is largely a work dog and hardly ever taken to shows.

The dog has a smooth and short coat, which may come in various different colors. A black Fila Brasileiro with large bones is considered to be the ideal animal. The dog may come in solid black and fawn. In Fila Brasileiro, brindled colors are also allowed.

Blue and white, black and tan, and grey colors are not considered acceptable for the breed. Even if the dog is of a solid color, white markings, especially on the feet, are permitted. However, these markings should be limited to only ¼ of the total surface area of the dog’s skin. Chest, feet and the tip of the tail may have white markings as this is the acceptable standard in Fila Brasileiro cost.

The Fila Brasileiro, often also called the Fila Brasileiro mastiff, though it is not a mastiff but looks like one, is known for its aggressive temperament. Fila Brasileiro puppies, when socialized properly right from their birth, are easy to handle as adults. The Fila Brasileiro dog breed is generally wary of strangers and may not take very kindly to new people in and around the estate of which it is supposed to be the guard dog. The Fila Brasileiro dog is known to openly show aggression and displeasure against the presence of strangers in what it considers to be its own territory.

Other than the aggression towards strangers, Fila Brasileiro temperament is like any other faithful house dog. These dogs, though instinctively averse to strangers’ touch, are gentle and patient when it comes to their own family. Since they can be rather aggressive, they are usually not the ideal dogs for show. There are some legal implications of getting and keeping a Fila Brasileiro dog in some parts of South America. More Fila Brasileiro information and the legal implications of breeding and keeping it as a pet may be obtained from the local animal control centers.

Fila Brasileiro kennels are not very popular since the dogs do not take captivity well. They do not like to be in enclosures and require free space to roam around and play. They are guard dogs and are happiest when they are kept in large, open estates. Fila Brasileiro training, right from the time they are puppies, is extremely important.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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