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Cocker Westie

Cocker Westie - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Nature and Rescue

The cocker westie is another hybrid breed between the cocker spaniel and the West Highland white terrier.

These hybrids were developed to give dogs characteristics of the spaniel, without it being very expensive. The cocker spaniel became a popular dog after a few movies and everyone wanted one. Hence many hybrids were created.

Cocker Westie Puppies, Breeders, Nature and Rescue

Though this was originally a hybrid, today breeders try to cocker westies with each other and are trying to create a less of a hybrid.

It is apparently very common for breeders to breed cross generational crosses. Sometimes, in a bid to make them purebreds, breeding might highlight genetic flaws. It, therefore, becomes important to be clear on which two breeds were bred for your cocker westie puppies.

These dogs are quite friendly and take characteristics of both breeds.  Cocker westie puppies are great puppies to have especially if you have small children.

The nature is usually greatly influenced by the parents. A cocker westie can weigh up to 20 pounds and its coat generally has influences from both parents. These dogs are available in many different colors like black, tan, white, brown and variations of solid colors. These dogs train well, are adaptable and generally happy dogs. They fare well around other pets and can often lead children by themselves. These dogs need exercise every day and it should be different kinds of activities to prevent these dogs from getting bored. You can try different form tug, fetch and hide and seek with these dogs. They are usually eager to please.

This dog breed tends to need a lot of dog grooming as both parent dogs tend to hairy coats. This breed would not be a good idea for people who do not like constant shedding of dogs’ hair or even have potential allergies. Like cocker spaniel, even this breed is susceptible to ear infections. The ears need to be watched and regularly cleaned. These dogs tend to be high on the cute scale and also tend to have many other product lines like jewelry and custom leashes which you can get for them.

There are also many rescue centers which are breed specific so look and ask around for cocker westie rescue centers. You can adopt a puppy from there. When you are getting your puppy get all the relevant information from the parents.
  Submitted on October 13, 2011  

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