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Standard schnauzer

Standard schnauzer dog grooming, characteristics and training

There are three different breeds of the schnauzer, out of which the Standard Schnauzer is the original one.

Though from a distance, it may look like it is related to the British terriers, however it is actually not.

The Standard Schnauzer is one of the oldest herding dogs of Europe and was used to guard livestock. Though the Standard Schnauzer is classified as a working dog and not a show dog, it is a very versatile dog that is robust and has an aristocratic bearing. This medium sized dog has even been the subject of many famous painters.

The Standard Schnauzer dog has a typical salt and pepper coat. They are mid sized and have wiry hair all over their body. The hair on their body is not unlike the human hair. For good Standard Schnauzer grooming, the hairs on their body have to be cut and groomed regularly to keep them clean.

Standard Schnauzer puppies usually get their claws, ears and tail docked when they are very young. Though the breed originated in Germany, it has been popular all over Europe because of its high intelligence, reliability and agility.

In a dog show, the Standard Schnauzer is a very majestic dog. However, it is not typically a show dog as suggested by the American Kennel Club. It has historically been used to guard and herd livestock. It was also known to be used to find and kill vermin. These dogs are descended from other German breeds like the Spitz and the Pinschers. They were exclusively used by the farmers as working dogs at that time, till they caught the fancy of breeders and began to be bred.

The breed is characterized by its long beard which makes the animal look wise and aristocratic at the same time. The dogs are extremely energetic and can often jump as high as the shoulders of a human adult. They have a small stature, though they are usually categorized as medium sized. Since they are also very intelligent, they are extremely trainable. They are also very adaptable and adapt to any climate easily.

Though the training of the Standard Schnauzer is relatively easy, they need a strong willed master who is consistent with the training and is clear with his commands. They have a healthy mix of obedience and intelligence which makes them highly trainable and therefore an excellent pet. Standard Schnauzer puppies are inquisitive and are constantly exploring and learning, which can often make the task of their human masters that much easier.

  Submitted on October 15, 2009  

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