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Drever Dog Breed, Puppies, Coat, Temperament and Information

As per most of the drever dog information that is available, the drever dog breed is physically characterised by a large, well proportioned and long head as well as clear eyes.

The forelegs of drever dogs and puppies are parallel and vertical and on the shorter side. The drever dog breed is known to come in colors such as black, fawn or even tan.

The drever dog breed is also known to be a good family pet on account of its calm, friendly and alert temperament. In fact this breed of dogs is known to have a constant wag of its tail as the drever dog breed is known to enjoy human companionship even after it has satisfied its hunting instinct being a hunting breed.

The main difference between the drever dog breed and other hounds is that this breed of dogs is relatively slower which is mainly because of their short legs. This on the other hand is also a benefit when used as a tool in a maneuvering game to move the target closer towards the hunter’s reach. The drever dog breed is best handled by owners, who are consistent with rules, display a natural and firm authority over the dog that is not harsh as this tends to bring out the best in this hunting dog breed. On the other hand, the drever dog breed may come across as one that is headstrong and stubborn if it is handled by an owner who is very passive. Drever dog breed also requires a fair amount of exercise as well as mental activity else there may be some developmental quirks in the temperament of the drever dog.  Those who are interested in keeping drever dogs and puppies should also bear in mind that this dog is suitable for life in an apartment as well and they don’t really require a huge yard. As far as grooming the drever dog is concerned, one needs to know that the drever dog breed is known to be an average shedder and the smooth haired coat that this breed is known for should be brushed regularly or even rubbed down with a damp cloth on a regular basis. Although known to be quite healthy, the drever dog breed is also prone to some hereditary diseases such as hunting edema or lung edema. This breed of dogs is not known for any other genetic disease.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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