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Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is also referred to as the King of Terriers.

This dog has a unique personality and a distinctive temperament. An airedale terrier dog is energetic and curious. He is also boisterous and lively and constantly craves attention. In an attempt to bring your focus to him, he will often act out.

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Airedale Terrier Puppies, Grooming and Breed Facts

Airdale terriers are intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. An important part of their personality is that they prefer to think for themselves. Rather than working for you, they prefer working with you. Airedale terrier puppies can be quite mischievous and this naughty behavior continues even until they reach the age of two years.

Having an airdale terrier in the home means that there is going to be a great deal of shredded newspapers, destroyed beds and eaten carpets. Digging is also a favorite past time of these dogs. Some airdale terriers will also steal food and clothes. These dogs are driven by the desire to have their own adventures. To enable them to release pent up energy and to minimize their unruly behaviors, daily exercise is a must. These dogs enjoy any type of activity and hence you can take them jogging, hiking, camping and even canoeing. Airdale terriers are protective and loyal to their owners and often bark when someone approaches the door. This is why they make great watch dogs. Due to their stubborn and strong minded nature, they stand their ground when it comes to protecting their owners. All terriers like to chase small animals, and the Airdale terrier is no exception. It is advisable to keep them away from cats. Even if an Airdale terrier has grown up with a cat, it is still risky to keep them together. They may also sometimes show aggression towards other dogs. Airdales enjoy being with children, but care must be taken as they can be highly exuberant and energetic. Their enthusiasm may sometimes cause the child to get injured.

Owners must keep a close watch on their airdale terriers as they hardly ever show pain. Even if a serious injury or illness has occurred, these dogs will still be seen wagging their tails. Airedale terrier grooming involves cutting the coat after regular intervals and regular brushing. It is advisable for owners to be aware of all airedale terrier dog breed facts so that they can make an informed decision when adopting this dog.
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